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Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
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    Buy Teamfight Tactics Rank Boost or TFT Beta pass Boosting, we can help you with your placement games too once the new season starts.

    TFT Rank Boosting

    This is our main service for Teamfight Tactics where we can help you get any rank you want, there are two options first we play on your account and we need login info and second is share screen where you play and the booster tells you what to do for this TFT service we don't require your login information.

    TFT Placement Games

    When a new season starts in Teamfight Tactics you have to do 5 games to calibrate your rank and we can do them for you so you get a high starting rank, placement can be done normally with account share or share screen.

    TFT Battle Pass Leveling

    Similar to placement games Battle Pass or TFT Beta Pass Boosting resets after each season and we can help you level it for this option we require your login information and share screen does not work.

    Custom Offer

    If you cant find in our options what you are looking for or you want something specific use this option, describe what you need and select how much you can pay finish the purchase and if no booster accepts the job in 48h we will do a full refund.

    After the Payment

    We will send an email asking for login information or with further instructions, you can use our live chat to speed up the process please note a booster will be ready in 15min-24h.

    Booster is Assigned

    Once a booster accepted your boost you will see an additional chat window near our live chat called Booster - Customer Chat and there you can talk with your booster.

    About TFT and Aditional Informations

    TFT is a round-based strategy game that pits you against seven opponents in a free-for-all race to build a powerful team that fights on your behalf. Your goal: Be the last person standing.

    Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is a round-based strategy game that can prove to be frustrating to master. This is in one part because RNG immensely affects the gameplay, especially if you keep finding yourself rolling only pairs, without upgrades insight. After a while, you will probably no longer enjoy playing TFT. Many players just don´t have enough time to dedicate themselves to the advancement of their rank and gameplay. They just want to immerse themselves right into the game without having to go through the difficult and frustrating grinding part of TFT. 

    If you are one of those people, this is where Teamfight Tactics boosting comes into the picture. If you are feeling too frustrated while playing and want to speed up your game progress, then our high-quality and super-efficient TFT boosting service is the perfect choice for you! Once you hire one of our TFT elite boosters, you can relax and let him do all the hard work, leading you to the rank bracket you want.  All of our boosters have to pass a very rigorous selection process, while only veteran players ranked Master/Grandmaster from Diamond and higher Elo leagues are considered for the role of our Teamfight Tactics rank booster. Due to their incredibly high skill, vast experience, and professionalism, we guarantee a super-fast completion of orders. They can lead you from P1 do D5 in a matter of hours! 

    If for any reason you are not satisfied with your booster, you can contact us immediately and we will find you a more suitable replacement. Once he is done with your TFT boost, you can finally start playing the game the way you imagined, with all the rewards that come with your new rank. TFT rank boosting will begin a day or two after you have completed the order and have chosen the booster you find the most competent to do the job. Once you have stated your preferences, you would have to give him access to your account, which he will handle according to your instructions. 

    Whenever you want, you can check on his progress, communicate with him, or let us know of any additional instructions you have. If you wish, you can also watch him live while he is tearing up the game in your stead. This way you can also pick up on some useful skills and tricks. You can put your order on a pause if you suddenly feel like playing TFT again. You don´t have to worry, your account will be 100% secure and managed with complete confidentiality. We are a part of the gaming industry for a while now, with a spotless reputation. If at any moment you have worries or something is unclear, you can contact our customer support 24/7. 

    If you need some Teamfight Tactics battle pass leveling, we can do that for you as well. Our boosters will level up your tier and earn you all those valuable cosmetics rewards (Avatars/Icons, Arena Skins, Emotes, Little Legends, etc.). By completing all daily and weekly missions, completing certain objectives, and using the Orb of Enlightenment, your booster will be earning you a huge number of points and take you to the top of the tier in no time. 

    When you order our TFT beta pass leveling, you would not need to worry about having to show up every day and finish these in-game challenges so you would not miss out on some of those cool rewards. Your booster will consistently play in your place and make sure you get all of them! You will be one of those few lucky ones who will get a hold of the Dueling Spatulas Icon since only the most elite players can get to tier 13. And our boosters definitely will. Since the second part of the beta pass ends on October 9th 2019, you have just a few days left to complete your rewards collection. So don´t waste time and risk ending up empty-handed., Since we still don´t know if there will be an official Season 1 Battle Pass, this really could be your one and only chance to collect all those rewards, so order our TFT battle pass leveling now before the pass ends!

    • After the payment, you will get further instructions over email or you can use our live chat located in the right corner if you don't see it disable your ad blocker.
    • We need from 15min-24h until a booster can start your purchase, it depends mostly on your platform and rank, if it is a very high rank or on the console, we need a bit longer than on pc until a booster is ready.
    • Once a booster is assigned for your purchase you will see one more chat window and you can talk directly with your booster.
    • When the Boosting is done you will get an email too, don't forget you can always contact us if you need support or any information.

    Q: What happens after the purchase?
    A: After we receive your payment you will get an email from us with further instructions and you will see on our website one more chat window that is directly connected with the booster.

    Q: Can i talk with the booster?
    A: Yes once a booster takes your order you can chat with him, the button for chat is near our live chat button and if you don't see it disable your ad blocker.

    Q: Will the booster talk with my friends?
    A: No we will try always to play in offline mode and ignore all messages unless you tell us otherwise.

    Q: Are my items and account safe?
    A: Yes, all our boosters are verified and double-checked but if you can afford play with the booster option always use it because this reduces ban risk.

    Q: Can i play other games on my account?
    A: Yes and no it is better not to play games until the boosting is finished but if you want simply to make a schedule with the booster so he knows when you play and when he can play.
    But it is important to note that if we do a rank boosting you cant play ranking games.

    Q: How can I get some support before purchase?
    A: Use our live chat located in the right corner.

    Q: What are the payment methods?
    A: Our main payment provider is PayPal and we have some local payments too.

    Q: How do I track my boosting progress?
    A: You can talk directly with the booster over our chat system.

    Q: Can the booster use a VPN
    A: Yes we can use VPNs just add a comment in your purchase order or tell the booster in the chat.

    Q: I am not happy with the results can I get a refund?
    A: It depends if we did not start the job you can get a full refund if we did start the job we can do a partial refund.

    Q: Who are the Boosters?
    A: Our boosters are mainly from the esports scene they are very skilled but cant life only with esports tournaments so they do boost.

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