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How to Sell

Important Notes:

  • After Registration as Seller, we need up to 2 days to verify your account, and you will get an email once you are approved or email if we have more questions.
  • After publishing a new product or edit product, we need to approve it, this to can take 2 days but its usually 1h.
  • It's free to create an account and add products, we only charge 10% once a sale occurs.
  • Always check your email you will get important updates and reminders once a sale occurs or you get a message.

1. Register as a Seller

First, you have to register as a seller on R3G (it is not the same registration as a customer) to do so click on the right corner sell and seller register, if you are on mobile better do the seller registration on pc or tablet.

Display Name this is an important field, it can be your nickname or your brand name, etc it will be shown on all your products.

About this is shown in your store profile page and add there some information about you, how the customer can contact you when you are online and other important information,

Image this is your store logo, size should be 150x150 or 200x200 or 300x300 etc.

Store SEO URL it is the URL how someone can go to your store directly, for example, if you enter teststore in the field, if you enter in your browser www/ will lead to your page, don't use spaces and use all small letters no CAPITAL letters and max 70letters.

When you Submit your store we have to do a manual check and you will get an email once you are approved.

3. Seller Login

Once you are approved you can log in to your seller account, once you logged in click dashboard or products, the dashboard will show you all important information.

When you click products it will direct you to the page where you can add or edit products.

4. Seller Dashboard

Account Settings here you can edit all your store options like pictures, about and seo url of your store. (there is a chat option this is not live yet)

Products here you can add new services/products or edit old ones, the next few steps are detailed on how to publish your first product and services.

Orders are displayed here when a customer makes an order you will see it here and the current status, you can update the booster finished field with a picture once you finished the service.

Seller Payments this is where you can see all payments we sent to you, 

Product Commission if you have more products you can see here how your products/services perform.

Options is an advanced feature for products/service there will be a video for it.

Communication this is where you answer questions to your customers.

5. Add a Product/Service

Click on products, you can see all your products here and edit them to add a product click the + icon in the top right corner.

6. Product General Tab

Name of your product or service.

Product description everything important that the customer needs to know about the service/product add additional information about yourself and when you are online.

Meta Tag title is the name that will appear in Google and Bing search results max 60 characters, and meta tag description is the description that appears below the title tag in google/bing search results.

7. Product Data Tab

Model, it's like a code name for your product and it can be something short for example product01.

Price for your product/service the price is in USD and it will automaticity exchange the currency to the customers preferred currency.

Quantity is the amount of the product you have if you sell services enter it like 9999,

Subtract Stock automatically reduce the quantity but if you sell services select no.

Minimum Quantity this can be used if you sell for example in-game currency, you have 100 platinum bars and each cost 1usd you can send that the minimum quantity is 5 so the customer must order 5+.

Require Shipping if you sell service like boosting power leveling etc select no this is important if it is a physical product select yes keep in mind we only support free shipping.

8. Product Links Tab

Category for your product/service you can add more categories if it applies, start typing the name in the field and select all categories that apply.

Related products will appear on your product/service page below the description and you can select your other products there if you have them.

9. Product Option Tab

Start typing your option name and it will appear here, select it and add pricing or parent option.

To create options you need to go to the dashboard than on the left site select option, we will have a detailed video guide on how to add options because of the complexity.

10. Discount Tab

We will explain the difference between discount and special, the discount is for quantity for example if  your product cost 5$ that means that 1 product = 5$ in Discount tab you can enter Quantity 10 and price 4 that means that if a customer selects quantity 10 for your product it will cost 4 $ each not 5 $.

11. Special Tab

Special applies to the product price it is great for running promotions, for example, if your service or product cost 10 $ and you want it to be cheaper near the end of the month select the start date and end date and enter the new price for that period.

12. Product Image Tab

You can add pictures for your product/service, click on the photo and create a folder for your pictures, upload a picture and select it this will be the main product picture.

If you want to add more pictures select the + button in the bottom right field and add more pictures for your product.

The size of your pictures should be 250x250px or 500x500px and before you upload the pictures to r3g use an image compression tool or 

13. SEO Tab

Here you can add the URL of your products, for example, if you enter in the box product1 if someone enters in browser it will automatically go to your product.

The important part is to not use space and use all small letters no CAPITAL letters and max 70 characters.

14. Communication

You can see here all the messages you got, once you get a message you will see an eye icon click it to be able to reply to the message.

Once you have your seller account read our guide  how to sell more.