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R3G - Rank 3asy Games Marketplace

What is R3G or Rank Easy Games?

Rank Easy Games is a Marketplace where gamers can sell services and gaming goods to other gamers, think eBay but just for gaming.

Do I have any kind of protection as a buyer or seller?

All our sellers are verified and we double check them so that there should not be any problem, but if anything happens we can always refund you the order or find another seller who can finish the job on R3G. If you buy boosting where the booster plays for you then you need to be very cautious and not keep any valuable items on your account and if you can afford it always buy play with the booster. If you are a seller on Rank Easy Games you don't need to worry on any kind of chargeback etc once you finish a job you will get paid for it.

Is there any support if I have any question or need help?

For any question or information you need you can mail us or open a ticket in the top right corner click help center then create new ticket please note you have to be a registered member on R3G before you can submit tickets and if your a seller you need to create a customer account with the same email to be able to use ticket support.

When will New Games and Categories be added?

More games and categories will be added to R3G like merchandise and other gaming goods if you want that we add a specific game or category on R3G open a ticket and we will add it as fast as possible. But you can still create your product or service for any game even if the game has no category on our website.

How can I start selling?

All players and customers can start selling on R3G you have just to do a separate registration and there is a verification process once that is done you can start offering your products and services on our website. To register as a seller or merchant move your mouse on sell in the top right corner and click seller registration fill all information and submit your store, we will contact you over email for the verification. And our suggestion is to register on a desktop or tablet not over the phone because it is easier.

What is Forbidden to sell on Rank 3asy Games?

You can offer almost all kind of gaming goods and services they can be virtual or physical but it is forbidden to sell any kind of cheats or hacks for games or to use them when you do any kind of service that you sell on our R3G. And it is forbidden to sell stolen goods and products like stolen cd keys and similar.

What is R3G Boosting & Power Leveling?

Boosting and Power Leveling is the cornerstone of our R3G Marketplace like our name suggests Rank 3asy Games. This is where a high ranked player helps you rank or boost your account in the most popular competitive online games like Dota 2, lol, cs go. When it comes to power leveling or farming when you don't have free time for your favorite game this is the best option for you. We always suggest that if you can afford it pay bit more to play with the booster it is simply safer and never keep valuable items on your account while the boosting is done. 

Rank Easy Games Skins and Items?

On R3G you can sell items and skins too, like loot boxes, weapon skins, and keys that open loot boxes. Always include when your online and how the delivery will take place of your items.

Rank 3asy Games Currency and Gold?

When it comes to in-game currencies and MMO gold it is very simple you buy the currency and they are delivered to you and you can enjoy the game more, think about path of exile how it is a better game when you can try the expensive builds and don't have to farm them, or WoW when you can buy any mount or any gear with your Gold.

I want to sell Physical products not virtual or services?

You can sell any kind of physical products that requires shipping, it is important that the shipping must be free we only support that as a shipping method. You can, of course, increase your product price because of the shipping cost.

I have a guide or file I want to sell does that work?

You can sell guides or tutorials here, first create the product with the description, picture and pricing after that create a ticket that you want to sell a file or downloadable content, we will check the file and include it in your product. When someone buys your product he can access the file and download it.